Woodcut Creations

Carving wood has long been a craft practiced when sitting and relaxing, and woodcuts are an interesting facet of this art. Properly embellished, they generally show scenes of pastoral life. Many homes have been graced by these beautiful objects, and they help induce visitors and inhabitants to relax and enjoy companionship. They are a welcoming object to those who admire the difference between the bustle of city living and the slower rhythm of life in the country.

Woodcuts have become a trendy item to own lately, and there is no lack of them at small shops and antique stores. Learning how to create them is a different matter, and it may take a bit of searching to find a class where it is taught. Many people learn how to do it by taking wood carving classes, and they then apply the skills to making a relatively flat carving. For the most advanced techniques, they also need to learn how to embellish them with paint, but many discover this skill on their own.

Creating a woodcut takes tools that are readily available, and gouges are often the best tools to use. The carver begins with a flat piece of wood, and they generally pencil in the lines where they want to cut. Some will draw the entire scene first, but other carvers prefer to just do an outline and add details as they go. Some claim it is best to just begin carving without drawing, and they say they are just taking away unnecessary wood from the scene that is already there.

Finishing a woodcut is often a matter of taste, and many modern carvers use paint to enhance the picture. A snow scene on wood looks beautiful when the trees and buildings have a white coating of snow, and adding green for trees or red for the barn gives it an extra dimension to enjoy.