Art Styles

Creating Art in the Mind

Artists are people who see the same world as the rest of humanity, but they are able to transfer this sight into objects. A painter will view a scene and imagine people within it. They have the ability to transfer this scene and the people onto a flat piece of canvas. When they are done, it looks as if this scene happened in the real world. It may have happened, or it may be all the creation of the artist who painted it. This type of creativity exists in all forms of art.

An artist who works with ceramics sees and experiences the world around them. They then transfer their experiences into their art. Using a pottery wheel, perhaps the artist feels the strength in a tall tree and transmutes this into a tall vase. It has strength, but it also is tall and delicate. This is how the artist uses their knowledge to relay the graceful feel of the tree into a solid object. Art transmutes the world of sight, sound and touch into an emotion and transfers that into an object.

Metal sculptures are no different than any other form of art when it comes to representing the vision of artists. Using different lengths, matching them together and deciding how to finish the piece are another facet of creativity in art. Sculpting in wood or clay is a transmutation of emotions and experiences in other mediums. Every artist has this in common, and the medium is just a form used for their expression. The emotions and ideas must carry through to the viewer for the artist to be successful or the artist has not truly created art.

Creativity is the basis of all art. Whether it expresses an emotion or an idea does not matter. Each piece created must share the basis of its creation with the viewer. If this does not occur, then the piece is faulty. While each piece can express a slightly different meaning to the viewer, this is due to differences in personality, and it does not speak to the success or failure of the artist in their creativity. No two people see the world exactly the same, and this concept makes art unique to each person.