There are a number of different styles art takes. Some pieces are drawn, others are sculpted. Some are formed of glass and ceramics. In painting, there are two very separate schools of thinking. Realism is important for some artists. Other artists prefer to use representational painting. With

realism, objects are painted exactly as they appear in life.

Representational art is transformed by the artist into a color and shape to represent the object. The viewer then must decide what they are seeing and interpret the meaning on their own. Each of these is a valid way to create art and many artists experiment with both styles to find the one they prefer.

Art Styles

Creating Art in the Mind

Artists are people who see the same world as the rest of humanity, but they are able to transfer this...

Art Styles

Combining Art Styles

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Art Styles

A Depth of Display

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Art Styles

Ceramic Art Styles

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Art Styles

Experimenting with Artistic Styles

Whether or not a person is a gifted artist, their pursuit of perfection in creation will lead them down many...

Art Styles

Creatures of Representative Art

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Art Styles

Woodcut Creations

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Art Styles

Creating Realistic Paintings

When an artist paints a picture, it is a representation of something they have seen, felt or experienced. There are...